Jonathan Diaz’s Secret Behind the Market Leading Venture Studio


Jonathan Diaz’s Secret Behind the Market Leading Venture Studio: Phase One Venture’s Success

Glendale, AZ – 08 July 2023 ( – From marketing agency to venture studio, Phase One Ventures stands as a testament to transformative business agility.

Starting as a fledgling marketing agency, founder Jonathan Diaz , has metamorphosed the business into a powerhouse venture studio, redefining the landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS).

Phase One Ventures creates SaaS platforms for business owners from ideation and design to deployment.

Their journey from humble beginnings to industry disruptor illustrates an inspiring chronicle of adaptability, tech-savviness, and relentless innovation.

In simple terms, Phase One Ventures doesn’t play small – they’re in the game to make a monumental impact, one SaaS platform at a time.

Phase One Venture’s Fearless Leader

Similar to his company, Diaz has roots in El Paso, TX.

Initially, the company began as a marketing agency that specialized in website development for other businesses.

Even so early on in their business, they worked with heavyweights like Samsung, Crunch Fitness, Farmer’s Insurance, people from MTV, also government entities.

Unfortunately, the market became saturated and corrupted with other agencies promising big results but delivering cheap products while undercutting him.

Fed up with this shallow and transactional business model, Diaz transformed his company into a venture studio that promotes equal opportunity partnerships.

Unsurprisingly, business owners find this partnership-based model magnetic, ethical, and profitable.

Within a few years, Diaz has built up quite the repertoire in the business community. He consults and mentors uprising entrepreneurs, consistently reinvests back into the growing company, and seeks out promising new startups.

A Proven Track Record

Phase One Ventures’ accomplishments to date are nothing short of astounding. They’ve launched platforms, like Dispute Panda, at an impressive pace.

This unique platform, launched in November 2022, and has quickly grown to over 13,000 business users.

This software for credit repair companies utilizes the power of AI and machine learning to deliver higher results for their customers.

The whole process takes a fraction of the time (up to 70% faster) compared to similar competitors in this industry.

Phase One Ventures has joined forces with Christiana Hurt, CEO of WealthyCollegeKid who made the Forbes The Next 1000 Class and later Forbes 30 under 30 nominee.

Together they’re building an ecommerce platform called Cellyce that allows users to shop for the most affordable products while comparing different wholesalers in real time. This platform is expected to launch in July 2023.

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But their achievements aren’t confined to successful launches.

Phase One Ventures has also invested in Parabeac, going beyond financial support to providing valuable consulting services.

Ivan Huerta, founder of Parabeac, is developing tools that automate the design to development process for UI/UX. Parabeac’s first tool integrates Figma designs directly into Flutter code.

By harnessing the power of Figma to Flutter, UI/UX designers save time and money but can also trust the accuracy and consistency of code while making edits and tweaks.

Parabeac also has exciting plans to expand from Figma to React.
Their choice of partners also reflects Phase One Ventures’ capability and repertoire.

They are strategic in who they choose to work with to make sure that they are cash flowing on day one.

Other partnerships include the enterprising duo Joel Kaplan and Sergio Tavarez from Agency Lab, owners of seven-figure companies, and the healthcare innovator Derek Noble of Nationwide Semaglutide.

Here’s What our Clients Say About Us
“JDiaz has always been there to support and provide us with extra help at a very reasonable cost…” – Mike Cortez, Owner of Digital Empire Marketing Agency.
“I would not be where I am today without Jon and his team…” – Sam Davis, a serial entrepreneur in the digital fitness space.

As you can see one of the benefits of being a venture studio is that they are not confined to a certain industry.

Phase One Ventures isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

They’re in the midst of constructing eleven different SaaS platforms in 2023.

Rather Phase One Ventures is available and eager to work with various different industries.

What’s Next for This Venture Studio

Phase One Ventures, propelled by their ceaseless passion for innovation, is continuously forging new partnerships and exploring novel possibilities in SaaS technology.

They’re committed to a future where they continue to leverage technology to create even more impactful solutions for businesses worldwide that challenge the status quo of quality standards.

To sum up, Phase One Ventures is more than just your average software development company.

It’s a venture studio with a dynamic ecosystem that cultivates innovation, encourages partnerships, and celebrates success.

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level with an innovative SaaS solution or seeking an engaging partnership, then Phase One Ventures is your destination.

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