The Integrity Game® Unveils Guide for Impactful Speaker Branding

The Integrity Game® Releases an Insightful Guide on Crafting an Impactful Brand for Professional Speakers

San Diego, CA – February, 2024 ( Integrity Game® proudly announces the launch of its latest pioneering guide, “Before and Beyond the Mic: Crafting a Speaker Brand That Echoes After the Applause.” This thought leading yet practical resource is set to up-level “stickiness” in the professional speaking landscape by offering a step-by-step strategy for speakers to break through “noisy sameness” with unforgettable branding presence!

Broaden Your Perspective on Professional Speaking

In an industry where standing out is crucial, “Before and Beyond the Mic” offers speakers several fresh perspectives on branding. The guide sheds light on the often-overlooked aspects of speaker branding, emphasizing the importance of creating an identity that resonates with audiences long after the applause dies down.

Innovative Strategies for Audience Engagement

While maintaining an aura of curiosity around its core content, “Before and Beyond the Mic” is said to unveil an innovative strategy that redefines how speakers engage with their audience. According to Author/Founder of The Integrity Game®, Jeffrey Klubeck, “This entirely new approach involves playing The Integrity Game® to explore the dynamic relationship between a speaker’s purpose, advantages, and their market positioning all while providing readers with work-able exercises that will bring out your brand!”.

Guidance from Experts

The guide features wisdom from leading professionals in the field, including insights from digital marketers, communications scholars, international speakers and booking agents! These experts share their perspectives on the pivotal role of branding in a speaker’s career, offering valuable advice for both aspiring and seasoned speakers.

Exclusive Access to Branding Excellence

“Before and Beyond the Mic ” is being offered as a complimentary resource, reflecting The Integrity Game’s commitment to empowering speakers with its cutting edge approach.. This guide is poised to become an essential tool for anyone looking to leave a significant mark in the world of professional speaking.

Join the Speaker Branding Revolution

Speakers around the world are invited to delve into this rich resource and uncover the secrets to building a powerful, memorable brand. “Before and Beyond the Mic” is more than just a guide; it’s a blueprint for crafting a speaker identity that stands out and ‘feels right!’

About The Integrity Game®

The Integrity Game® (TIG) is a comprehensive Personal/Professional Growth Model that delivers on this equation: Motivation + Accountability = Results.

TIG is played during Private/Group Coaching, Soft Skills Training, Keynotes, Retreats, and more!

As a leader in speaker coaching and branding, TIG is dedicated to providing speakers with the tools and insights necessary for success in today’s competitive speaking arena.

Embark on Your Branding Journey

Ready to elevate your speaking career with an impactful speaker brand? Visit TIG’s website here to get your free copy of “Before and Beyond the Mic” and start your journey towards becoming a distinguished voice in your field.

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