DQS Solutions & Staffing Response to a Debilitating Workforce Shortage

DQS Solutions & Staffing Response to a Debilitating Workforce Shortage

Nationwide – April 12, 2024 (USANews.com) –

Staffing is a key component to successful business operations. Strong and reliable staffing allows corporations to deliver timely and quality product. When a Chicago-based tier one auto supplier faced an extensive workforce shortage, it threatened its ability to fulfill crucial project requirements. To overcome the threat, the supplier focused on staffing strategy.

A key player in Chicago’s industrial sector, the auto supplier was suddenly confronted with a significant labor deficit, prohibiting it from moving units to an offsite location. This unexpected workforce shortage threatened project timelines and associated deliverables, demanding urgent intervention to avert potential disruptions to operations and customer commitments.

To resolve the staffing issue and ultimately fulfill the requirements, the auto supplier  utilized DQS Solutions & Staffing (DQS) to recruit the required staff members. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, DQS swiftly created a comprehensive solution to address the critical labor shortage. Leveraging its extensive network and operational capabilities, the staffing agency successfully recruited 112 skilled personnel from Detroit.

With just three days’ notice, DQS transported the workforce from Detroit to Chicago. Furthermore, DQS leveraged their own transportation to move the workforce more efficiently. This streamlined travel logistics, minimized downtime, and maximized productivity. Moreover, DQS secured housing in Chicago for the Detroit-based employees. For the employees, this ensured seamless integration into Chicago, further enhancing employee efficiency and effectiveness.

DQS’s swift execution yielded remarkable results, showcasing its commitment to delivering high-quality and effective solutions under pressure. Despite the logistical complexities involved, in just 48 hours DQS successfully hired the more than 100 staff members required to supplement the client’s workforce, demonstrating agility and resourcefulness. The seamless integration of skilled personnel into the existing workforce underscored DQS’s capacity to deliver timely staffing solutions tailored to client needs.

Through its immediate response and meticulous execution, DQS enabled its client to overcome a significant operational hurdle, safeguarding project continuity and customer satisfaction.

Successfully resolving the labor shortage solidified client confidence in DQS. This continued confidence laid the foundation for future collaborations and further strengthened the relationship between the two parties. DQS’s ability to mobilize resources, implement effective strategies, and deliver results under pressure serves as a testament to its commitment to client success and operational excellence.


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