Hawk Mikado Conquers HighLevel Certification with Record Speed


Hawk Mikado Conquers HighLevel Certification with Record Speed

A remarkable milestone in digital marketing proficiency.

Henderson, NV – April, 2024 (USANews.com) – In a significant development that sets a new benchmark in the digital marketing realm, Hawk Mikado, a renowned investor, speaker, and entrepreneur, has completed the HighLevel Certification program with unprecedented speed. This accomplishment, celebrated in by Go High Level, underscores Mikado’s dedication and prowess in mastering HighLevel’s extensive marketing and CRM tools, reinforcing his status as a leader in the funnel building and digital marketing industry.

Hawk Mikado, already distinguished as the #1 ClickFunnels Partner, has now added the title of #1 GoHighLevel Certified Admin to his impressive array of accolades. This achievement not only exemplifies Mikado’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence but also enhances his capability to deliver even more sophisticated and efficient marketing solutions to service-based businesses.
I started this certification to challenge myself and to ensure that my skills remain at the forefront of digital marketing innovation,” Mikado shared. “Completing the HighLevel Certification in record time was an exhilarating experience that has further fueled my passion for helping businesses achieve exponential growth through effective funnel strategies.

Mikado’s approach to the HighLevel platform is reflective of his overall strategy towards digital marketing: break it to understand it fully, then lead it to excellence. His methodical and hands-on experience with HighLevel’s tools has not only allowed him to secure the fastest completion time for the certification but also provided him with deeper insights into leveraging the platform to its fullest potential.

Key Highlights of Hawk’s HighLevel Certification:

– Completed the certification with the fastest recorded time of 28 minutes.
– Demonstrated exceptional mastery of HighLevel’s comprehensive tools and features.
– Further solidified his position as the leading funnel builder for authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants.

About Hawk Mikado:

Hawk Mikado is a leading figure in the world of digital marketing, renowned for his expertise in funnel building, sales growth, and cost-efficient lead generation for service-based businesses. As a professional Neuro-Linguistic Communication Trainer, Business Strategist, and 3-time International Best Selling Author, Mikado has dedicated his career to elevating businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve unprecedented success. His innovative strategies and methods have been instrumental in generating over $100M in client revenues, solidifying his reputation as the genius business growth strategist.

For a firsthand look at Hawk Mikado’s journey and insights into the HighLevel Certification process, we invite you to watch the compelling video on YouTube here.

Discover the dedication and expertise that have propelled Mikado to the forefront of digital marketing innovation.

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