Federal Ban on Witty Highway Signs Marks End of a Hilarious Era

The Hilarious Highways | End of an Era as Feds Ban Witty Road Signs on Highways | Reliving the 30 Funniest Road Signs from American Roads In the hustle and bustle of highway travel, motorists have long been entertained and enlightened by the witty electronic safety messages adorning the nation’s interstates. From playful puns to … Read more

Funny Quotes from Famous Folks

Funny Quotes from Famous Folks In the fast-paced world of fame and fortune, it’s refreshing to see celebrities and public figures let loose and share a good laugh. From witty one-liners to unintentional humor, here are some funny quotes from famous people that will leave you chuckling. Elon Musk: “I’d like to die on Mars, … Read more

The Best History Making Halloween Pranks!

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Love at First Sight with the Wrong Date?

In what might be the most hilarious mix-up of the year, two Portland residents accidentally went on a first date with the wrong person, and as fate would have it, they actually hit it off! Sarah Thompson, a 28-year-old graphic designer, had set up a date with a man named Mike whom she met on … Read more

Woman Arrested for Trying to Rob Bank with Banana

Woman Arrested for Trying to Rob Bank with Banana A woman in Florida was arrested on Tuesday for trying to rob a bank with a banana. The woman, entered the bank and approached a teller. She then handed the teller a note demanding money, but the note was written in crayon and the woman was … Read more

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

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Give Me One Body Double Espresso Shot to Go

Give Me One Body Double Espresso Shot to Go In a humorous tale that seems more suited to a Hollywood comedy than the daily grind of law enforcement, a policeman in Plano, Texas, accidentally arrested the wrong person due to a striking case of mistaken identity. Officer Ben Jacobs, a 10-year veteran of the Plano … Read more

Drone Mistakenly Delivers Engagement Ring

In a comedic twist worthy of a Hollywood rom-com, a drone delivery mix-up led to an unexpected situation at a local wedding, putting a whole new spin on the concept of “love is in the air.” Last Saturday, Richard Harris, a passionate tech enthusiast, decided to use a drone to deliver the engagement ring to … Read more